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The Day I Made My First Website

Posted on April / 4 / 2021

It was April 2nd. I was learning HTML/CSS on Khan Academy along with my sister. I had come to Project- Travel webpage. I immediately decided that I would make a webpage about travelling to Taj Mahal. I typed code for two hours! At last it was ready! I read it and looked through it. It was perfect. I was so happy. I shared it to my dad, mom, uncle, brother, sister and everyone else on hangouts. Click on this link to view my website- My website

The First Wordsearch Made By Me

Posted on April / 5 / 2021

It was only few days ago, I was sitting on the bed with my sister. She was doing her wordsearch book Suddenly an Idea struck me. Why not make my own word search book? Then I could do it and share it to my family. I have made 4 Wordsearches till now. I hope to make over 200 and make it into a book to sell.

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